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Using Web 2.0 Websites to Build Quality Backlinks

October 11, 2011

Web 2.0 is a wider term which includes all the social networking sites, blogs, social bookmarking sites, video sharing and wikis.

From the past 10 years thousand of web 2.0 properties have been created by the users and companies. It created new ways for the internet marketers to get thousand of quality backlinks for free.

In this article i will cover the web 2.0 websites which allows users to submit a article so that they can place a link to there website or blog.

I have already covered social bookmarking in one of my previous article, which is one of the popular method of link building.

Popular Web 2.0 Websites

Following are some of the popular web 2.0 properties where you can submit your articles for free. Some websites allow you to create a FREE Domain and start submitting articles.


And So On……….

There are thousand of free sites available.

Imagine how wonderful is this that you have now free places to get one way link for you blog or website.


The Problem is…….

Yes i know that you are also aware of the problem.

The problem is creating accounts and then submitting your articles to these websites.

It takes a lot of time to create account in thousand of website and then submit your article.


Every problem has a solution and there are lots of tools available to automate the whole process (creating accounts and submitting your articles) to solve your problem and save your time.

But Tools are Expensive

Again this is a problem but i said every problem has a solution.

Ultimate Demon is the only tool that can help to automate your link building process. It creates accounts in thousand of Web 2.0 sites in a few minutes and then submit your articles.

It is not expensive as compare to the tools available in market.

SEnuke charges $147/month

Ultimate Demon Tool is very affordable and don’t charge monthly charges. For one time payment you can get this super powerful tool.

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