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Fixing High Failure Rate In UltimateDemon- [Solution]

January 4, 2012

It was seen that UltimateDemon was not able to perform the task properly, but Edwinsoft has found the issue and posted an update for it.

Edwinsoft always come up with updates and always monitor the performance of its softwares, so if any issue arises you don’t need to worry about, because they will fix it as soon as possible.

That problem was because of the Account Activation process.

By default the account activation time was set to 3 minutes and that was too short to verify all the emails. As you know some article, social, forum etc websites sends the verification emails very slowly and that is why most of the accounts do not get validated.

If most of the emails are not validated then the failure rate will be high.

How to Fix?

First check if you are effected by this issue or not.

1:- Click on any project that is 100% processed and have pending items.

2:- Click on the “[Task Log]” from the toolbar.

3:- After clicking on Task Log, mouse over on the “Status” column and you will see a small “funnel icon” click on that. Select the “Exceed Retry Limit (1)”.

4:- In the “Message” column check if there is message like “Task delayed as no email containing activation link is found”

ultimatedemon issue

If that message exist then you are the possible effected user of the issue. Follow the below steps to fix it.

Go through the step1,2 and 3 and then click on “Reset Retry Limit” from the toolbar and then click on “Reset all items that have exceed retry limits”

Click “Yes”

UltimateDemon will not retry to activate the un activate emails.

Don’t forget to post your comments if you still face any issue.

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