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Ultimate Demon 1.3.0 – Discount + Cashback = Total Saving $75

You have already heard about the Ultimate Demon and that is why you are here but you might need a second opinion from someone who is actually using it. This way you can decide weather to buy it or invest the amount on another tool.

Here I will try to help you in your decision by explaining the important features of the Ultimate Demon software that can really help you in your link building. And I will also help you to save $75 on the tool

So lets first discuss how Ultimate Demon can help you in your link automation.

1# Tired Links

Now a days internet marketers use this type of strategy to rank almost any keyword. In tier based linking strategy what you do is basically publish a few articles in either Web 2.0, Article Sites or Wiki sites and link back to your money site. Such links are known as Tier 1.

After publishing unique or quality spun articles in the Tier 1 websites you then build hundreds and thousands of backlinks for the Tier 1 links using a Tier 2 structure. For example you publish 8 quality unique OR spun articles in Web 2.0 websites and thenĀ  build backlinks for the Tier 1 links using Social Bookmarking, Article Submission, Wiki Submission, Video Submission, Forum Posting or Web 2.0 submission.

Thus your Tier 2 links passes link juice to the Tier 1 links and ultimately the Tier 1 links passes the juice to your Money site (the blog or site you want to rank for).

This is how you can easily build quality links for your blog or website to rank for almost any keyword.

With Ultimate Demon Tool you can easily perform all these link automation tasks. After setting up a few things the software will automatically start creating accounts in all the websites, verify the emails, start posting into it and even ping all the links for you.

You can either manually build your Tier structure OR let Ultimate Demon automatically perform it. And for that the software has a Link Wheel feature which allows you to structure your links in different Tiers.

Here is the screenshot of a typical link wheel designed inside the Ultimate Demon.

(Click the Image to Enlarge)

Ultimate Demon Link Wheel

Once your have the Ultimate Demon Tool, you can easily structure your link wheel in different way to acquire the super high quality backlinks.


Tip:- The more Tiers involved the higher quality links are achieved and thus the safer your blog.

The Link Wheel OR Tiered Backlinking is one of the best and safest linking structure that will skyrocket your rankings. And with Ultimate Demon it is super simple and total automated.

There is nothing that can stop you from buying Ultimate Demon but only the price that could be the problem. And to some extend I am going to help you in that.

Life Time License = $397 One Time Fee [Use Coupon Code 809D068D27 to get $50 discount on the checkout] And to get $25 Cash Back read the requirements here.

Monthly License = $47/month (I don’t recommend)

I don’t recommend the monthly Plan because a tool like Ultimate Demon needs to be acquired for the life time. The one time investment on the tool can be return in the first month if you use it to the fullest.

But if your budget is low and you can’t afford to purchase the Life Time License then you can defiantly try on the monthly fee. But seriously think about it like this way (the 8 Month monthly fee i.e $397 is equal to the life time license value).

Go for the Life Time License and get $75 Discount exclusively here.

Now lets talk about the other useful features that makes the Ultimate Demon the best tool for link automation.

2# Scraper

With the built-in website scraper you can scrap for new Web 2.0, Article Websites, Social Bookmarking, Video Submission Websites etc.. Just enter the footprint in the field and the tool will scrap Google for the new and updated websites to add in your database. The more websites you have the more links you can acquire.

Check the screenshot of the Scrapper.

Ultimate Demon Scrapper

3# Proxies

Just like with any automation tools you need proxies. So that your original IP address does not get ban. With Ultimate Demon you can use Free Public Proxies or Private Proxies to never get ban by any website.

4# Visual Ad

During the account creation and submission website requires you to enter the CAPTCH code. Ultimate Demon can be integrated with 5 CAPTCHA service providers. Such as DeathbyCaptcha, CapthcaSniper, Bypasscaptcha, Decaptcher and Imagetyperz.

5# Ping Servers

The built-in ping feature allows you to ping all the live links. Thus all your backlinks can easily be found by Google. With Ultimate Demon you can ping any number of links to any number of ping servers.

Other Tools

The link automation is the default feature of the Ultimate Demon and that is what it is created for, but apart from the link creation there or other tools that comes with the Ultimate Demon.

Article Spinner:- Yes it has a basical article spinner option which allows you to easily spin your articles. Although the quality is not as good as provided by the other tools but overall it is a time save tool for basic spinning.

Synonym Harvester:- You can build your own synonyms database to use in the spinning feature. Thus the end result can help you to get super high quality spin articles.

Duplicate Text Removal:- With this tool you can easily compare spin articles with each other to remove the duplicate issue. Another time save tool.

Scan PR/IPs/Alexa/WOT:- With this tool you can scan each and every URL to check its Page Rank, IP address, Alexa Rank and WOT score.

Overall Ultimate Demon is the link automation beast which will help you dominate the search engine for any keyword. However remember to go through the Tiered Linking Structure. That is the correct and working way to use the tool.

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Enjoy Ultimate Demon – The Ultimate Link Automation Beast.


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